Our Team

Our Team

Welcome to the Deep Root Irrigation Revolution! We are excited to help get you started down the path toward a more efficient, more controllable watering system. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have and can explain, step by step, the implementation process for starting or converting to this paradigm-shifting new concept in irrigation management.

At Deep Root Revolution we’ve assembled a team of industry experts with diversified backgrounds to ensure that all of your DRI questions get answered. All of our Authorized Representatives are trained and certified in project management and are ready to assist you from start to finish. Whether installing a brand-new system on starts or converting a more mature orchard or vineyard to DRI, you can count on one of our team members to guide you to success.

Meet the team…

Sales and Project Management

Pete Dominguez
Authorized Rep
Rick Reynolds
Authorized Rep
Don Wright
Authorized Rep
James Lovelady
Independent Consulting Agronomist
Patrick Cavanaugh
Authorized Rep
Edward Morris
Authorized Rep
Antonio Zamora
Authorized Rep
Lindsay Maker
Authorized Rep

Sales Administration and Distribution

Augusto Di Battista
Jennifer Di Battista
Chief Business Officer
Rafael Montanez
Head of Distribution & Logistics
Francisco Navarrete
Sales and Administrative Support
Doug Misantoni
Director of Sales & Project Mgmt
Jeff Ramsdell
Sales Coordinator

Are you an Agronomist, PCA, Crop Advisor, Water Manager or other Ag Industry Professional interested in joining our team?